Easy Guitar Tabs (My Top 10 Picks)

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Guitar tab is a very common way in which guitar players, especially beginners and those not all that interested in music theory, learn how to play their favorite songs and licks.  Tablature, tab for short, is different than standard music notation, displaying fingering instead of pitch.  We have 6 lines representing all 6 strings and numbers on those lines indicating what fret to play.  The downside…no rhythm information, so you must be familiar with how the song goes. You can learn how to read basic tab in this lesson. How To Read Tab and Play Simple Songs. You can also learn all about tab symbols in these two lessons. Reading Tab Symbols Part 1 and Reading Tab Symbols Part 2.

Top 10 Easy Guitar Tabs

For those looking for some easy guitar tabs of popular songs, I have put together this top 10 list complete with links to the lessons. And remember we are talking about easy tabs from a reading perspective so this will not include a lot of songs using just a bunch of open chords.  There is a difference between easy tabs and easy songs.  Although these are easy tabs they are, for the most part, easy songs as well. Most of them will be heavy on the power chords and single note riffs. We will be producing a list of easy chord songs in another post in the future.

  1. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple (this is probably no surprise to anyone)
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
  3. Rolling In The Deep – Adele
  4. TNT – AC/DC
  5. When I Come Around – Green Day
  6. Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream
  7. Wipeout – Surfaris
  8. Wild Thing – The Troggs
  9. Jailhouse Rock – Elvis
  10. Mississippi Queen – Mountain


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