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Center Stage Guitar Academy is a leading provider of video guitar lessons online for beginners, skill development, learning a new genre, and mastering your favorite songs. Private guitar lessons can be expensive and inconvenient. We provide a great alternative while maintaining a one on one, private lesson feel. Watch the video below to learn more about our service.

Video Transcript

If you’re watching this video that means that you’re looking for a place to learn how to play guitar or improve on the skills that you already have. Well this could be a great fit for you. We are Center Stage Guitar Academy. A leading provider in video based, online guitar lessons. Online guitar lessons can be a great alternative to private lessons. Private lessons can be very expensive, and hard to fit in our busy schedules. With online guitar lessons, you learn at your own pace at a very affordable price. Center Stage Guitar Academy offers one of the most
competitive prices available online. In order to maintain private lesson feel, Our videos are produced with the students needs in mind. We offer multi­camera angles, giving the student
maximum exposure to the instructor. So now you’re probably wondering what you might learn here at Center Stage Guitar Academy. Currently we have over 500 lessons. And we always add new content every month. As a beginner you would follow our extensive beginner program. This program includes nearly 60 lessons. You would start with learning the basic fundamentals as if you just got your guitar out of the box. And it will take you all the way through single note playing, chords, barre chords and all the things you will need to know to focus on whatever it is you would like to focus on after that. it will prepare you to play jazz, blues, flamenco, classical, rock, any genre. Another feature of Center Stage Guitar Academy is our extensive list of song lessons. We have over 150 lessons on some of the most popular songs out there. If your goal is to learn how to play guitar or improve on the skills that you have, perhaps learn more about a specific genre, then Center Stage Guitar Academy is the place for you.So what are you waiting for? Come join the seventy thousand aspiring guitar players that have experienced Center Stage Guitar Academy. We’ll see you soon.


Lesson Directory

Below are a list of the main categories we offer. Click on a category to show the subcategories and the list of lessons we offer.

This section displays the most recent lessons that have been added to the site.

The Quick Start Beginner Lesson series is for those who are just interested in playing simple chords and versions of their favorite songs. If you are not aspiring to be a guitar virtuoso, but rather just play some songs around the "campfire" so to speak, than this series is for you.

The Beginner Course lessons are for those learning guitar for the first time or those that want to go back and brush up on basics they may have missed along the way. We have a very extensive beginner program that will provide the foundation you need to achieve all your desired musical goals. These lessons cover basic technique, single note melody, basic scales, theory, open chords, and barre chords. After completing this series you will be prepared to move into any area of study you desire.

Lick Of The Week series consists of lessons on specific licks you can add to your vocabulary and make use of in soloing and improvising. We will cover licks from specific guitarists and discuss how it is used and why it works.

The genre based lessons focus primarily on developing guitar playing skills that apply to a specific style of music such as blues, classical, jazz, bluegrass, flamenco, and rock music. The content studied is built upon the basic fundamentals learned in the beginner series of lessons. Therefore the lessons require you to have basic knowledge and skill level.

The Skill Lessons focus on specific areas of study such as improvisation, chords, scales, and theory. The lessons are here to help you develop skills that can be used in any genre and form a deeper understanding of certain topics.

The Song Lessons are a collection of studies on popular songs from many genres. Learn how to play your favorite songs note for note with accurate tabs to supplement the video instruction. Each lesson covers all the sections of the song.

The Artist Study lessons focus on the specific style of influential guitar legends such as B.B. King, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards. Instruction hones in on the nuances that give the artists their signature sound. Covered topics could include specific improvisational techniques, licks, riffs, and chord voicings in the style of the particular artist.

The Volume Category includes all the guitar lessons available on the site in the order that we produced them. They are not arranged in any particular order. This would be used if you were looking for the most recent lessons. Note that not all song lessons are included in this Category.