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Guitar Practice Routine

Why do I need a Practice Routine? Developing a good guitar practice routine is essential to learning how to play guitar and improving your guitar playing skills. Like any physical activity, it is a good idea to warm up with … Continued

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Guitar Tone Tips

Electric Guitar Tone There are several factors to consider when establishing a good guitar tone. Here are some guitar tone tips.  Lets start with electric guitar tone. With electric there are three major factors to consider…the guitar, the amp, and … Continued

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Tuning Your Guitar

I cannot stress enough the importance of tuning your guitar.  It is the most crucial aspect of playing music.  If instruments are not tuned properly music sounds very bad, no matter what you play. In my experience teaching private lessons, … Continued

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How To Buy A Guitar

We get a lot of questions about buying guitars, especially from those buying for the first time.  It can be quite overwhelming walking into a music store and seeing all those guitars on the wall.  And even more overwhelming shopping for … Continued

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